Yvonne Bosnjak Η ετατιρεία



Allow me to introduce myself! This is Yvonne and I was born and raised in Germany by a French mother and Croatian father. I would dare see myself as a citizen of the world!

When I finished studying, I decided to travel the world. Greece was in my list of destinations. The plan was to get here and stay a couple of months working as a model. It’s been 12 years ever since! Ok, I admit it. I fell in love with everything. The sense of the air. The saltiness of the sea, the people’s temperament. I stayed…

In the beginning I worked with major fashion agencies, in magazine editorials, TV commercials, but that seemed not to be enough. I had the urge to proceed with my career, and present fashion with my point of view! In 2013, I was offered the opportunity, which I accepted. It was a well-known fashion brand inviting me to launch my own, special collection. Together, we created 3 exclusive lines. Soon after, I realized that it was my time to move on. Feeling ready and thankful, I did so…

I gave birth to my daughter and just after that, in 2016, I established my atelier. I embraced my team, did the research on the textile industry, bought the most updated sewing equipment, raised my thread and my needle and I created my own brand!

Yvonne Bosnjak Athens was born to create clothes with character, for women who know what they want and appreciate that balance between the ultimate clothing quality and price.

Yvonne Bosnjak Athens is “on air” to promote the details and unfollow the trends; trends are made not to be followed but to get re-assessed and challenged by the designer’s touch!

My aspirations go far beyond solely creating ephemeral fashion collections. Each and every one of those items is made to be worn again and again over time. Our brand’s products are made to invest in!

When I make clothes, I follow one basic rule; I wear them myself. Fitting is not a one-off procedure, but a full basis routine. Even the smallest detail, from moving the pocket to altering a seem, can make that difference in a woman to feel comfortable and look stunning all at the same time!

The first Yvonne Bosnjak Athens prêt a porter collection was launched for Autumn/Winter 16/17 and got trusted by 45 outlets in Greece and Cyprus.

Today, we are counting 65 outlets and the 3rd collection A/W 17/18 is ready to take off! Please, enjoy!